Female Leadership Program (Transactional Analysis) 2022-2023

Group meetings from 15.00h till 19.00h (CEST).

Dates for group sessions:
22/09/2023 Stress and your body | How stress manifests in your body and how you can control these reactions.
20/10/2023 Being a coaching leader | How to build a coaching step by step.
17/11/2023 GEANNULEERD
8/12/2023 Contracts | Stating clear goals with measurable results.
26/01/2024 Strokes | Creating a healthy environment where people feel validated.
23/02/2024 Ego-States | Learning that, in different situations, you have multiple options.
19/04/2024Transactions | Replace inefficient communication with efficient and respectful communication..
24/05/2024Om te beginnen.
21/06/2024Wat is trauma en stress?.
13/09/2024 Trauma en bronnen.
18/10/2024 Jij en de ander: Inner Regulation.
22/11/2024Jij en de ander: Afstemming.
17/01/2025Embryonic Movement 
07/02/2025Integreren .
Dates to be agreed upon: 5 one-on-one coachings with Linda