January 26, 2017 Linda

It used to happen to me sometimes, but now luckily less and less.
Sometimes, at the end of a day of coaching or giving therapy I would be left with a vague, unsatisfied feeling. After a long walk, or a good nights sleep, this feeling often would often go away, but still, it wasn’t pleasant.
Do you recognise this?
In your work you help other people (coaching, therapy,leading a team…) and you’re often frustrated because you know that you’re not getting the most out of it, not for yourself, and not for your clients or the people you are working with.

It takes you a lot of effort to do your job, and sometimes you catch yourself considering doing something else, something new.

You often have that ‘Thank God it’s Friday’ feeling, and rarely the ‘Yes! I Like Monday!’ feeling. You know ‘something’ is missing in the way you do your work.
So… It’s time for innovation!

You don’t only want to learn new skills as a coach or therapist, you also want to focus on you as a person.

You want personal growth, because you know that these things go hand in hand.

In that case the training ‘Transactional Analysis’ is perfect for you.

Here you will to get more out of yourself and others.
You will learn to (re-)discover what is really important for you.
You will rekindle your fire, inspiration, and motivation again. In stead of feeling like there’s ‘something missing’, you will feel like enjoying your work again, and it will make you feel fulfilled.
And then, on Monday mornings you will find yourself thinking ‘Yes! I Like Monday!’ (and of course, ‘Yes!  Thank God it’s Friday’! on Friday evenings.).

During this course you will learn coaching models, and their application. What makes this course so special, is that we will also focus on your personal proces: We will look at questions like: What are your goals? What makes that you are (not) achieving them? What patterns are inhibiting (or helping) you to achieve your goals? Who are you as a specialist, a coach, or a therapist?

TA specifically has a very wide field of application. People doing many different professions are following the course.
All participants have one thing in common though: They want to learn new things, in their personal, as well as their professional life.
They want to change the way they act, think, and feel.

With Linda Hoeben you will enjoy a very good education in TA, in a cozy and comfortable environment.
Linda is an honest and driven trainer: What you see is what you get.
She is the only TSTA (Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst) in Flanders.

This course qualifies for SME funding, and is EATA (European Association Transactional Analysis) certified.
As a first step in your TA training you can subscribe to a ‘Two day introduction to TA’ on the 28th and 29th of April or 14 & 14 July.

There you can get to know TA, and Linda.

After that you can subscribe to the : ‘Foundation Year Transactionele Analyse’.

You can subscribe by writing an e-mail to: linda.hoeben@forpeopleonthemove.eu

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Linda Hoeben
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