Online Introduction training 101 in Transactional Analysis

​Are you looking for a way to contribute to the world around you? Do you notice more and more people around you, or in your team, that are unhappy and in need of help? Do you want to be a rock in the tide for these people?

Does this look familiar?

You see more and more people around you or in your team that are worn down and listless.
People around you are very tired after their work and ask themselves: ‘Is this it?’ They don’t sleep well and feel rushed and stressed. You want to help these people.

You feel out of place in your work.
Once, you had the dream to really contribute to the world. Now, you are glad to make it through the day. What happened to that dream? You feel like you are in a rat race. You work hard, but never establish anything.

You really want to help, but you are doubtful about your ability to do so.
Deep down you have a lot of doubt about how you will be able to help people around you and in your team. You feel like you lack so much knowledge.

How would it be to help yourself and others in a deeper, more meaningful way?

It should be possible to live a healthy, resilient life. A life in which you can really be there for the people around you while, at the same time, you have time to recharge and do the things that are really important to you.

Believe me: You can achieve that too.

You are not the only one looking for more meaning in their life.

You see people around you get stuck in the rat race of working hard and not getting anywhere. Maybe you recognize it in your own life.

Often, these feelings of becoming overwhelmed and stress, originate in patterns and thoughts that you were thought as a child.

‘Work hard.’ ‘Please Others.’ ‘Have fun.’ ‘Hurry up.’ ‘Be perfect.’

These patterns have helped you as a child, but now you are an adult and no longer need them.

Still, you follow them unconsciously. Often at the expense of your own health. You are literally making yourself sick by working the way you’ve learned.

If you want to help people to no longer participate in this rat race, this is the time to get out of it yourself!

This step takes courage.

Courage… and knowledge about how these patterns develop, how they affect your decisions but foremost: how to break the cycle.

That is exactly what you learn with Transactional Analysis (TA).

TA is a theory from social psychology that TA professionals use to help their clients and students analyse and change communicational patters that are often obstructive in achieving one’s life goals.

With TA you hold up a mirror for yourself and your client. This makes you able to determine the course of your life for yourself.

The good news is: You can start today

The knowledge of TA is accessible through my Online Introduction. I guarantee you can expect noticeable differences in your life and work from day 1.

Do you want to contribute to the world around you? Especially for you I have a temporary offer:

Transactional Analysis | Online Introduction
From € 414,- for € 97,-*

* Excluding taxes. You can find this offer nowhere else then on this page.

“I use TA regularly. This helps me in my work but also in communicating with my spouse. I am very satisfied about the impact of this training, because it makes my life a whole lot easier.”

What do you get out of the Online Introduction?

  • You learn to understand people and team members that are tired and listless
  • You get tools to help change the world around you for the better
  • You will get the self-confidence you need to really help the people around you.

The course:

  • 7 video lessons of all TA-models that can be used in communication between you and the people around you. The lessons take approximately 50 minutes each
  • Directly applicable theory. With the use of practical work sheets, you learn to apply the theory directly to your work and private life
  • The lessons will be delivered directly into your inbox with short intervals. You can complete the Introduction in two weeks, or simply follow your own pace
  • At the end of the Introduction you will have a Zoom conversation with Linda to get certified
  • After completion of the Introduction you will receive the TA 101 certificate, that gives you access to every Basic Training in TA.

Give yourself the tools to help others today.


This offer is temporary and can be found nowhere else on my website.

Why Linda?

Linda Hoeben (1961) is an experienced coach and psychotherapist. She is a TA-certified clinical therapist and since 2002 supervisor and trainer in Transactional Analysis. She is a social worker and Master in Criminology.

Linda teaches at the SSE (Stockholm School of Economics) and at the TA Academy in The Netherlands. At her own teaching institute (The TA Expertise Centre) she trains coaches in TA and Embodied coaching.

Above all, as an inspired trainer and therapist, she wants to properly train coaches in order to make professional help available for everyone.

“What truly makes me happy is to train coaches in such a way that they can help traumatized, anxious clients with a burnout in the most sufficient way.”

Linda and her husband have travelled the world for almost 30 years because of his job. Linda has combined this with her own carrier as psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor. At the moment, Linda divides her time between Oslo (where her husband works) and Hoegaarden, Flanders.

In her free time, Linda likes to educate herself in the field of neuroscience, psychology and personal development.

“The online training is going really well. Everything is clear. I find the video’s really clear and the advantage of online is that I can take it one step at a time and do not overwhelm myself with too much theory.

It’s really easy to return to previous modules. This way of learning fits me. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and can stir up a lot of feelings, but at those times I just let it rest for a while. When it feels like I can handle it, I start the next module. That is the beauty of online.”


“After completing the Online Introduction in TA I started to change little things in my communication. By doing this, I have received new chances at work. I’m very happy with these changes because they have had a great impact in my life.”


Take this step for a beautiful life for you and those around you


This offer is temporary and can be found nowhere else on this website.

Linda Hoeben
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