I would like to introduce you the people of the TA Expert Centre


Linda Hoeben, TSTA – P

Founder of the ‘TA Expertise Centre’.
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TA Experts

I work with a dream team of top international TA trainers. They tell their story and the way they work. You can pick whatever you want from each trainer. And that way you come to your own story.


Lieuwe Koopmans, TSTA-O

Lieuwe is an experienced coach, trainer and consultant in the organisational field. He’s written various books about TA ( ‘This is who I am!‘ published in 2017, translated from the Dutch original ‘Dit ben ik!, worden wie je bent met Transactionele Analyse‘ and ‘Dit zijn wij, de kracht van de ontmoeting‘,). He provides training in Functional Fluency, Organisation TA and co-creative coaching, both in Holland and internationally (England, South Africa, India, Brazil).

Karen Minikin, MSC, TSTA-P, UKCP REG

Karen is active in a number of national organisations: In UKATA she is responsible for ‘Diversity and Social Responsibility’.

She also works for the Training Standards Committee. It integrates political and psychodynamic processes with Transactional Analysis.


Drs. Claire Nelissen MSC (BUS. ADMIN), MSC (Integrative Psychotherapy), Post-grad. dipl. (TA Psychotherapy)

Claire has been a counsellor / coach and management consultant in Haarlem, Netherlands since 1998. Her interest in neuroscience for the consulting room; more specifically, the relatively new neuroscience on impact regulation systems, connects with her own scientific research into professionalisation and clinical reasoning in psychotherapy. She has published about her theory in The British Journal of Psychotherapy Integration. Her ‘The Professional Identity of Psychotherapy’ appeared in 2010 and ‘Studying and Researching Psychotherapy: The Process-Structure Method’ appeared in 2011.

Foto: Lieselot Booij | LOT Photography


Mil Rosseau, PTSTA-E

Enthusiastic TA Trainer, Supervisor, Coach and Therapist since 1985.

Co-founder and owner of BIRD (Business Institute for ReDecision): Redecision workshops in companies.

Co-founder and owner of Autonoom: Masterclasses in TA.


Moniek Thunnissen, Dr, TSTA-P,

Moniek Thunnissen (1955) is psychiatrist-psychotherapist and TSTA psychotherapy, teaching, among others, at the TA Academy in Soesterberg. She is author of several articles in TAJ and of the book  Into TA (co-authors Bill Cornell, Trudi Newton and Anne de Graaf). She is specialized in TA and personality disorders.  

She uses TA daily in her psychotherapeutic practice as she regards TA as one of the most effective and equal methods of therapy.


Mark Widdowson, Dr, TSTA-P, UKCP REG

Mark teaches TA training at various training institutes in Europe and is a full-time lecturer in counseling in psychotherapy at the University of Salford.

He is the author of Transactional Analysis: 100 Key Points and Techniques, published by Routledge3.



Logistics & marketing

In addition to the great substantive contribution from the TA experts, I am also supported logistically and in marketing.


Kim Vereecken

Kim is responsible for the logistics during trainings in the yurt.

Hannie van het Ende

Linda calls me ‘the spider in the marketing web’. I am responsible for the planning and overview of all online and offline marketing communication for Linda. This includes mailings, posts / advertisements on Social Media Platforms and advertisements in trade journals. I carry out this marketing in close collaboration with Kim Hoogmoed-van Dijk.

Kim Hoogmoed-van Dijk

I love working on technology. That’s why I support Linda with email marketing, the website and the digital yurt. I can express my creativity in thinking along with marketing, in which a very pleasant collaboration with Hannie van het Ende has arisen.

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Linda Hoeben
+32 474 920 877
Rommersom 1A, 3320 Hoegaarden

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