Embodied Psychotherapy & Coaching:

Working with body language

Won’t you be happier too?

  • You are a coach or therapist.
  • You work with stressed and traumatised clients and … you suffer from stress yourself?
  • Your client suffers and you feel powerless, as if you’re watching the sidelines?
  • Your client understands their problem but doesn’t manage to make the changes.
  • You’re frustrated because you also can’t manage it. Helping the client helps I mean.
  • Your client has physical complaints that a doctor are caused by stress. But the client has no idea what it’s all about. And you don’t know how to tackle it.
  • Your toolbox is insufficient. Your knowledge is sometimes inadequate.
  • And that’s draining.

You’re looking for a solution.

  • You just know that as a coach or therapist you want to work on a deeper level.
  • You are looking for some techniques that help you make your work more powerful. So that you will go further.
  • You don’t want a long training anymore because you’ve already done that.
  • You know that communication is largely unconscious. Through body language..
  • And you want to get started with that.
  • You just know that as a coach or therapist you want to work on a deeper level.
  • You are looking for some techniques that help you make your work more powerful. So that you will go further.
  • You don’t want a long training anymore because you’ve already done that.
  • You know that communication is largely unconscious. Through body language..
  • And you want to get started with that.

What can help?

What would you think if you could add to your regular methods some new approaches?
So that you can get more out of your work and you can help your clients get more out of their lives.

Working with body language

Working with body language is a wonderful instrument.
The training is there for every coach, therapist or counselor who wants to learn how to use body language to work in depth with clients.

You first learn the techniques in the basic module. In the follow-up module you will learn more of the theory.

Testimonials from participants


“Quality-filled training, fit for all kinds of  therapists and coaches. This provides deep insight in how to understand your patients or clients” .                                                                               (Christine Sterckx – acupuncturist)


“When science meets passion, magic  arises. This is what I have experienced in this training in many respects. Claire en Linda do complement each other while protection and permission come first. This substance is suitable for anyone who works with people. ”                                 (Tin Vanderhoeven CTA-O – coach and organisational consultant)


“Super-expert women who really own the subject-matter  and who convey insight, knowledge, competence  which the whole world “ought to” know: mothers, fathers, therapists, trainers, coaches, organisations, educaters: everyone. Especially because the world would then be a better place for everybody. This training contributes to such a world!” (Antoinette van Reekum)


“Valuable part within the substance of TA! Contributing to my personal and professional development! Good theoretical exposition and possibilities for  practical learning.”


“I have attended the training ‘Embodied Psychotherapy & Coaching’. I have learned the method and through the theoretical part, facilitated by Claire Nelissen, I now understand thoroughly why this method works so well.  I also now understand what I do when I practise the method. I can now recognise bodily signals acutely and I understand also the meaning of these in the development of the client. This helps me in diagnosing and in drawing up a treatment plan. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this training for sure.” (

Piece of the puzzle

Thank you Linda for your presence and teaching. What I learned is valuable, both at professional and personal level. I already started to bring in my practice the work with resources-trauma integration models and the attention to body movements, with several of my clients. It helped for further steps in the integration of regressed, vulnerable and/or traumatized parts of self, on the one hand, and in reclaiming personal power and connection with vitality/ Physis force, on the other. It is interesting how clients start to self-actualize their energy-body patterns during this kind of work. I received an important ‘piece of the puzzle’ to include in my working style. On personal level, I already had a peer meeting arrangement with one of my colleagues, to continue and assist each other in our personal work.

D.S. uit Brussel

What can you learn here?

  1. Understand the non-verbal communication (body language) of your client.
  2. Use the experiences in your body to plan effective interventions.
  3. Apply the theory of neuroscience in your practice space.
  4. Adopt the basic principles on the functioning of the brain from neuroscience.

What makes working with body language so special?

  • Your patterns are stored in your actions, thoughts and feelings. And also in your body.
  • With bodywork, you can learn and understand the patterns that your clients have stored in their bodies.
  • Coaches and therapists apply the method to work more efficiently.
  • Doctors, nurses use this technique to better help their clients.
  • Because the body tells its own story and no…it’s not lying.
  • The stress that a client experiences in their body says something about what the client really needs to feel better.
  • The stress you feel when working with a client provides a source of information. What you just have to do is listen well. So you can base your intervention on it. This intervention will be much more focused if you have made that possible.
  • Because if you listen to the body, to yours or that of the client, you know exactly what the ins and outs of the matter are.
  • Without more needing to be said.

Why learn body work with Linda Hoeben?

  • She has years of experience in her own practice.
  • She has been working for a few decades on body work. Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Bio Energetics, Emotional Body, Trauma Work, Neuroscience, etc.
  • She teaches you how to apply the new findings from Neuroscience to your practice room..
  • If you already know the theory but don’t know how to apply it, you are welcome too.

Practical information

Are you ready for the theory?

June 3-7 2019

  • day 1 from  12.30 to 17.00
  • days 2, 3, 4  from 9.30 to 17.00
  • day 5 from 9.30 to 12.30
  • Lunches are included (exept for day 5)

In this module you will find:

Why does the method work?

The theory behind the method: Our brain is elastic and can change as long as we live. Matter can increase or decrease depending on what we are experiencing. Trauma has an impact on the brain. Body therapy also has an impact. For two days , drs. Claire Nelissen, will take you on a journey of discovery through the Polyvagal Theory of Porges, neuroplexicity, impact regulation and why the quality of our ‘presence’ in the workroom is so important. We discuss how and why play, melodic voice usage, and “seeing yourself in the eyes of your therapist” are so crucial for the growth of matter in our client’s brain.    

Live supervision

For three days you get the chance to show your work. I’ll supervise you through specific case studies. Or you work ‘live’ with one of the other participants and you get ‘live’ feedback and supervision. The participants who already did this were very enthusiastic!!

Training: learning the method 

January 21-24 2019  (new dates will be available on this website soon)

  • 4 Days  from 9.30 to 17.00
  • Lunches are included

For four days, you will listen carefully to everything that is not said. In analysing body language you listen with your eyes instead of your ears.

During the course, you will learn:

  • To understand the body language of your patient or client
  • To translate stress and trauma complaints and understand exactly what the client needs
  • To use this understanding to direct the therapeutic goal onto a deeper level
  • To understand and use your own body language in your work with clients

Theory and practice belong together. In this workshop we focus on the practice. The theory is discussed in the other module. In this course you will find a laboratory: a place where you can experiment safely with new insights and a new method.

After each exercise there’s an extensive feedback moment.

Place: For People on the Move
Rommersom 1A, 3320 Hoegaarden
Facilitator: Linda Hoeben TSTA

Cost: € 1697 (excl. 21% BTW)

Lunches and coffee included.


This module is only offered in Dutch.


   KMO subsidy of 40 % possible

Your cost in that case  € 838  (excl. 21% BTW) 

I worked nicely with my client..

After this training, I worked in very nice way with my own client. I’ve used the approach you showed us in the training. I’m so glad we met. Thank you again for what you have done and being such a great example.

F.O. uit Nederland

Linda Hoeben
+32 474 920 877
Rommersom 1A, 3320 Hoegaarden

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