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As a coach or therapist, you want your client to understand themselves better. Often they are caught in destructive thinking and behavioural patterns, without realising it. And that prevents personal growth.

As a child, everyone develops a number of habits, which helped them to ‘survive’ in the family. Their parents praised your client for compassion or hard work. Was your client not good at listening? Or did your client cry? Then the parents may have been angry. Your client developed strategies to struggle through childhood and youth. But now sometimes they are in the way.

For example:

  • He works too hard and forgets to spend time with his lover or children
  • He can’t say no and regularly takes too much on
  • He always wants to keep others happy and keeps his mouth shut
  • He always wants to be strong and pushes his feelings away
  • He strives for perfection and feels guilty if he makes a mistake

Are you a coach or therapist looking for a tool or way to help your clients gain self-awareness and adjust their behaviour patterns? Do you want a simple tool that not only helps you as a coach, but is also easy for your client to use? Workbook for coaches

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Then this FREE TOOL is something for you:

  • In THREE STEPS, you can help your customer to gain self-esteem 
  • In THREE STEPS, your customer can easily move form STUCK evolve to FREE 

The tool includes a questionnaire based on a questionnaire developed by Erik Berne, the founder of Transactional Analysis. This questionnaire helps you to detect how a pattern has been created; why your client thinks or acts in a certain way. The aim? From that insight, help them build new constructive patterns.

With this questionnaire you put the finger on the spot:

  • You quickly understand why your client chooses destructive behaviour
  • You open your client’s eyes to their own behavioural patterns
  • You make room for new, constructive behavioural patterns

Do you also want to get started with this simple and fast tool to help your customers?

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