Online Introduction to Transactional Analysis

Is this recognizable?

  • Clients are feeling many emotions about a problem and cannot express them properly.
  • Or they are very rational and have no access to their emotions and what they need.
  • There are easy misunderstandings in communication within your family or your team.
  • Your client expects you to solve their problems for them and you want to invite them to take responsibility themselves.
  • You lack the tools to properly support your clients.

You’re looking, therefore, for a method of coaching or management that’s both more efficient and requires less energy at the same time. A way in which you don’t feel you have to solve the problems of the others. But where you help people to face their own problems and solve them.


This is what you’ll learn

Transactional Analysis helps you understand yourself and others better. Your communication improves, runs more efficiently. By applying the methods from Transactional Analysis you’ll understand yourself and others better. You discover your patterns and those of others that influence communication. You’ll learn how you can take these patterns into account in order to achieve better, smoother communication.

And you can learn all of this at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want via the training ‘Online Introduction to Transactional Analysis’.

The online training will cost 197 euros excl. VAT on the launch date, but you can already order it for the introductory price of 147 euros excl. VAT.

Experience of an enthusiastic participant:

After having followed the ‘Introduction to TA’ I changed small things in my communication … This gave me new opportunities at work. I am very happy with these changes because they had a big impact. 

What does the Online Introduction to Transactional Analysis entail?

  • You will be taught by Linda Hoeben, Fully Certified Trainer and supervisor in Transactional Analysis.
  • 7 video lessons on the basic concepts of Transactional Analysis. After signing up you can start right away with the first video lesson. After that, each lesson will be available after 3 days.
  • Certification interview via Skype

After the certification interview, you will receive the recognized ‘TA 101 certificate’, which gives you worldwide access to all recognized TA training programs.

Experience of an enthusiastic participant:


I now use TA very regularly. This helps me in my work but also in communicating with my partner. I am very satisfied with the impact of the training because it makes my life a lot easier.

Linda Hoeben
+32 474 920 877
Rommersom 1A, 3320 Hoegaarden

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