TA Exam guidance

Do you stay awake worrying about your work?

You work as a coach and supporter, and you wonder whether you are doing well? Because clients come to you with the big life questions and sometimes it’s a burden Their questions are of vital importance to them and they expect an answer from you. Preferably right away.

Are you unsure about your plan of action, your treatment plans and sometimes you wake up worrying about it?

Do you sometimes have no idea how to handle some clients?

Staying awake is no longer needed.

I’ll look at everything with you.

Because that’s supervision: someone who looks with you, to make the quality of your services even better.

You learn how to look at yourself. Personal reflection.

Honest feedback is also included.

So your clients get what they are entitled to.

Good help.

And you can sleep well again.

Supervision groups

You set up a group yourself. We agree a date and put all our heads together. Under my supervision you improve in your profession and feel more confident. That is better for you. And also better for your clients.

Prefer an individual supervision course?

Always welcome. We discuss what your needs are. And outline a personal development plan for you. Purpose and duration are agreed and the cost price is based on this.

Linda supports me and encourages me

Linda has a supportive and professional style as supervisor. She supports me in developing my own work style and she encourages me to use my intuition.
I like working with her. And under her guidance, I’ve been learning how to combine theory and practice in an efficient way.
We always reflect carefully on my opportunities to learn. We pick out the possibilities for growth, both as a psychotherapist in training and also as a person.
All of this helped me build more self-confidence and start my practice as a psychotherapist.

R.B. from Brussels

CTA Exam supervision

Exam? Why would you do that?

  • Because you have a quality label and so you know that you can deliver quality..Usually, customers appreciate it.
  • Because of the thorough preparation for the exam, you can better integrate theory and practice.
  • Because you get the chance to show your knowledge and skills to an international jury.
  • Because in this way you contribute to the professionalisation and recognition of TA.
  • You are working on your worldwide network. Because the world is big and beautiful. That network is for you and helps you to build an international career as well.


International TA professional associations regularly organise worldwide TA exams

  • You first do the CTA (Certified Transactional Analyst)
  • And then you continue with the PTSTA (Provisional Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst).
  • Finally, you do the TSTA exam (Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst)

CTA course in Hoegaarden:

From March 2018, I’ll offer a CTA course so you can prepare for the CTA exam.

Is the exam journey complicated?

in fact, it might look as if it is, and that’s why I’m going to help you!

  • I help you to get an overview of what you have to do. I can make complicated things simple. We look at the criteria that you have to meet to participate in the exam.
  • We set up a logbook and we make a study plan.
  • You are assigned a buddy and you join an intervision group. Great support from each other. You meet as often as you like. Without additional cost.
  • The theoretical writing assignments are structured and together with others you write in the yurt during the writing days.
  • I organise a Mock Exam (a not-real exam so you can practice)


Good food is included. We serve a healthy lunch.


We meet once in each season.

In between Intervision Groups (where I will not be present) are an essential part of the programme.

Module 1

• Information: Look at the conditions that have to be met for both the oral and written exam. Setting up a logbook and drawing up a study and work plan.

• Set up a buddy system and intervision groups so that participants can support each other.

• Supervision: introducing reasoning

Module 2, 3, 4 and 5

• Supervision in groups: discussing cases.

• Work with theory: Everyone chooses a subject and gives a presentation of half an hour.

• Half day writing and helping each other with writing

• Individual supervision session with me about your written work

Block 6

• Preparing Mock exams

• Mock exams

From 09.30 to 17.00 on day 1
From 09.30 to 16.00 on day 2
Place: For People on the Move
Rommersom 1A, 3320 Hoegaarden
Facilitator: Linda Hoeben TSTA


Module 1: 9 & 10/03/2018

Module 2: 25&26/05/2018 

Module 3: 5 & 6/10/2018

Module 4: 8 & 9/02/2019

Module 5: 24&25/05/2019

Module 6: 11 & 12/10/2019




3 CTA Modules 1199 Euro (Excl 21 % BTW) 



  KMO subsidy of 40 % possible  In that case, the cost is 719 Euro (excl. 21% BTW) 

Yes! I enroll for 3 CTA modules!

6 CTA Modules2399 Euro (Excl 21 % BTW) 

  KMO subsidy of 40 % possible  In that case, the cost is 719 Euro (excl. 21% BTW)

Yes! I enroll for 6 CTA modules!

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Linda Hoeben
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