Transactional Analysis Trainings

Transactional Analysis? What’s that?

That’s the most common response when I start talking about TA.

It’s actually a bit of a strange name, and that’s why I take time to explain it:

Transactions means communication. And Analysis means we’re going to review your communication. How do you communicate? Where is it going wrong? And how do you want it differently?

With the use of Transactional Analysis you could replace old patterns with new patterns, so you can get more from your life or so you could help your clients get more out of their lives. That’s why Transactional Analysis training is suitable for managers, coaches, mediators, therapists and assistants. With this training you get more influence on your life and that of others.

This is what we do at the end of the training

Why Linda Hoeben?

Expert and Certified

I have been busy with Transaction Analysis since 1979 and have followed trainings worldwide. By 2015, I obtained my TSTA certificate: Trainer and Supervisor in Transactional Analysis.

The courses I give are therefore also recognised by the European Association for TA (EATA) and all other international TA organisations.

Years of experience

I got to know TA when studying as a 18-year-old student in Leuven. Through TA, I realised that I was much freer than I actually felt at that time. Thanks to TA I made a number of choices that I am pleased with today. I also want to facilitate this process for you. Because I really believe you can live a finer and more autonomous life through TA.

Since then I have lived, studied and worked almost all over the world.
Today, I am a guest lecturer at training institutes and colleges in the Netherlands, Latvia and Romania.

What makes Transactional Analysis different?

  • Your patterns are stored in your actions, thinking and feeling.
  • TA helps you to change your thinking, doing and feeling.
  • The training will instantly give you practical tools to make changes to your patterns and to help others.
  • Managers apply Transaction Analysis for efficient people management. Caregivers and supervisors use TA approach in hospitals and care centers. And teachers use it in schools..
  • In this programme, personal and professional growth go hand in hand. Each participant changes, becomes aware of their old patterns and opts for new ones.

TA Introduction 2 days Training

Two intensive days in which you get acquainted with the theory and practice of the TA.

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TA Training Foundation Year

Nine 2-day modules through which you thoroughly understand and apply the theory of TA.

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TA Training Year 2

Six 2-day modules spread over one year in which international guest lecturers show you how to apply TA in your work.

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TA Training Year 3

Six 2-day modules spread over one year. At the end of this year you know how you want to apply TA in your professional life. 

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