Female Leadership

This Female Leaderschip Program is an outstanding opportunity for senior female leaders. The Program has been specifically designed to challenge, inspire and develop ambitious female leaders who realize that they are not reaching yet their full potential.

 The program has been developed to empower women, to improve their leadership skills and to equip female executives with effective know-how in strategic self-development using Transactional Analysis and Embodied Coaching.

I worked with Linda on a two day custom made Transactional Analyses training designed for women senior managers from different background. She took us on a journey, talking us through the basics of TA and helping us find out more where the tensions and frictions are in our everyday lives, and in our many roles as managers, employees, women, and humans. I appreciated her clarity and thoughtfulness which pushed my boundaries and challenged me.

Dr. Kata Fredheim

Executive Vice President - Partnerships and Strategy; Assistant Professor, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga


Two year training in Embodied Coaching

Unique tailor-made combination of online and onsite teaching.

Are you the strong stress-coach that organisations and companies need today? 

Are you coaching leaders and people with a lot of responsibility in organisations? Do yo see them struggling with the stress exacerbated by the current crisis? Do you want to become an expert on working with stress-and trauma related problems?

I teach you to coach these high-flyers and help them deal with their stress-related complaints. In the two-year training ‘Embodied Coaching’ you will become that competent coach who helps clients with stress-related complaints at a top level. The training is based on Transactional Analysis and on Neuroscience.

Year I : Foundation Year in TA

Transactional Analysis provides understanding of how old patterns contribute to stress and other emotions. For those who want to be the leader and the coach the world needs today.

In this training you will receive:

  • Online personalised real-time training support
  • Individual supervision  and mentoring by Linda Hoeben, Fully Certified Trainer and supervisor in Transactional Analysis.
  • Acces to online supervision groups with other trainees.
  • Full acces to our digital learning platform. 


Year II : Embodied Coaching

In the second year, we learn to work on a deeper level. The body has inprinted patterns. By listening to your body, you understand these patterns even better. You return to your core and feel what your body really needs. Working with body language is an important source of self-awareness and change. That makes the combination of TA and bodywork so beneficial. Certainly, when working deeply and efficient with stress and trauma-related physical complaints.

The method of Embodied Psychotherapy & Coaching is based on working with the nervous system and with the body language. 

TA has helped me since the beginning to connect with my inner self.
Through the whole year TA was accompanying me to settle down in a new city, culture and lifestyle as an expat.
The insights I learned encouraged me to move into more healthy, authentic and real interactions with my husband, daughter and closest ones.
TA gave me back the control of my life, as an expat we all need to do efforts to connect with people. Before TA I was always trying to fit in. Now I can say I’m in charge of my own destiny and life.
Before coming to South Korea, both my husband and myself agreed about our roll abroad and the expectations we had professionally and personal.
I’m grateful to count on Linda to guide me through my journey as an expat.”
Veronica Sartori

Expat in South Korea. Coach.

Are you interested?

Schedule a free Strategic conversation in which we will explore how you want to become the coach or leader the world needs today. 

Schedule a free Strategic conversation with Linda 

Do you ever ask yourself what the next step in your professional growth as a coach, leader or therapist could be?

 In your personal and professional education, you sometimes need support or a sounding board. During a personal Strategic conversation, I’m here to help you. Together, we can discuss the next step in your career. You will get my undivided attention, while we establish your goal and discover what steps will help you to the next level. 

Normal cost  is € 180,- Now for free!!!

Via the following form, you can schedule a Strategic conversation with me at a time that is convenient for you. In order for us both to prepare for this conversation, I will ask you a couple of (digital) questions. (The information you provide me with, will remain strictly confidential.)

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Feel free to start with a short online Introduction in TA

TA helps you understand yourself and others better. Your communication improves, runs more efficiently. By applying the methods from Transactional Analysis you’ll understand yourself and others better. You learn how to coach others into discover their patterns. You will coach them into taking responsibility and developing their personal leadership.  You’ll work with your clients and help them take these patterns into account in order to achieve better, smoother communication. 

You can learn all of this at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want via the training ‘Online Introduction to Transactional Analysis’. 

In this training: 

  • You will be taught by Linda Hoeben, Fully Certified Trainer and supervisor in Transactional Analysis.
  • 7 video lessons on the basic concepts of Transactional Analysis. After signing up you can start right away with the first video lesson. After that, each lesson will be available after 3 days.
  • Certification interview via Skype
  • After the certification interview, you will receive the recognized ‘TA 101 certificate’, which gives you worldwide access to all recognized TA training programs.

Your investment: the for your Online Introduction to TA is € 197

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