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There is a great demand for female leaders in the international corporate world. Leaders who can be the rock in the tide that the world needs right now and who can guide the people working for them through these challenging times.

More than ever, leaders need to be able to deal with their own stress and overwhelm, while helping their team members to deal with the challenges they face.

Linda Hoeben is an experienced coach, psychotherapist and senior international trainer with decades of experience facilitating personal transformation processes of executives in international organizations and companies. Because Linda has lived on different continents herself, she knows from experience what it is like to be ‘on the move’ in an international context.

Female Leadership

This Female Leaderschip Program is an outstanding opportunity for ambitious female leaders. The Program has been specifically designed to challenge, inspire and develop ambitious female leaders who realize that they are not reaching yet their full potential.

Online Introduction

Are you a coach, therapist or leader and are you having trouble with the challenges in your personal and professional life? It isn’t always easy to be the rock in the tide that people are searching for, especially when you are struggling with your own insecurity or – sometimes physical – stress related complaints.

International Female Leadership Mentoring Program

This mentoring program offers you a place to grow, share experiences. Where you can learn from-, inspire and motivate each other.
You will learn new skills and get support in your professional and personal development. Even though you might have a lot of experience, there is still a place for you to come home, professionally and personal.
Just around the fire, with each other…

About Linda

Linda Hoeben (1961) is an experienced coach and psychotherapist. She is a TA-certified clinical therapist and since 2002 supervisor and trainer in Transactional Analysis. She is a social worker and Master in Criminology.

Linda teaches at the SSE (Stockholm School of Economics) and at the TA Academy in The Netherlands.
At her own teaching institute (The TA Expertise Centre) she trains coaches in TA and Embodied coaching.

Above all, as an inspired trainer and therapist, she wants to properly train coaches in order to make professional help available for everyone.

The classic coaching methods are excellent, but sometimes a little inadequate: there is not enough attention to body memory and physical complaints.

“I can’t help but worry about the fact that complaints from clients are often split between the ‘physical side’, for which they are sent to a physiotherapist, and the ‘psychological side’, for which they see a coach or therapist.
This is truly damaging, because clients often feel fragmented and don’t receive the help they really need.”

Linda has developed a powerful method by combining her thorough knowledge of Transactional Analysis and psychological processes with body work and neuroscience. This method helps coaches to help their clients to become ‘whole’ again and to proceed life with resilience. Maybe not the same way as before, but perhaps healthier and more authentic.

This method helps particularly well when other coaching didn’t help or if coaches have reached a point of despair because they can’t help their client in the right way.

“What truly makes me happy is to train coaches in such a way that they can help traumatized, anxious clients with a burnout in the most sufficient way.”

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