‘I’ve studied and lived in many places in the world, and I still travel a lot. Even when it comes to personal growth, I keep moving.’

My name is Linda Hoeben, a professional in Transactional Analysis. My love for people, life and the world drives me. I have found harmony in my life through TA and Embodied Therapy & Coaching and I’d like to share that gift with anyone who wants to receive it. That is why I started my TA Expert Centre. Here, you can find several programs and trainings to benefit your professional ánd personal growth. I also provide Tailor-made Coaching, Therapy and Training.

Personal Leadership

The trainings and courses I provide, are all built around personal leadership. These courses are designed for coaches, leaders and professionals who want to improve their communication. TA helps you understand yourself and others better. Your communication improves, runs more efficiently. By applying the methods from Transactional Analysis, you discover your patterns and those of others that influence communication. You’ll learn how you can take these patterns into account in order to achieve better, smoother communication. All live-courses are given in Dutch. However, the online introduction course is also available in English.

A summary of the Dutch TA courses can be found here.

Embodied Therapy & Coaching

Transactional Analysis provides understanding of how old patterns contribute to stress and other emotions. The method ‘Embodied Therapy & Coaching’ goes even deeper: The body also shows patterns and emotions. By listening to your body, you understand your patterns even better. You return to your core and feel what your body really needs. Working with body language is an important source of self-awareness and change. That makes the combination of TA and bodywork so beneficial. Certainly, when working deeply and efficient with stress and trauma-related physical complaints.

The method of Embodied Psychotherapy & Coaching is based on working with the nervous system and with the body language.

I have a training available for every coach, therapist or counsellor that wants to learn how to use body language to work in depth with clients. This training is given in Dutch. More (Dutch) information about the Embodied Therapy & Coaching can be found here.

Tailor-made Coaching and Therapy in English

I am also available for Tailor-made Coaching and Therapy designed around your specific situation and your needs. Before we start, we discuss the length of the coaching and the goals you want to achieve. We will discover your patterns, the things that make you struggle, and you will make structural inner changes that are needed for changing your behaviour in order to achieve these goals. In other words: What you feel inside, will start to match what you say and do.

If you feel a Tailor-made coaching is the thing for you, please feel free to contact me, so we can schedule an intake appointment. You are welcome.

Tailor-made training in English

Apart from the programs in the ‘TA Expertise Centre, I also teach in several countries in Europe. I am available for Tailor-made Training in your organisation or in your team. A Tailor-made Training will be designed around your specific situation and your specific training needs. Before we start, we discuss the length of the training and the goals you want to achieve.

If you would like to organise a Tailor-made Training in your organisation or team, please feel free to contact me, so we can schedule an online-meeting to discuss your goals.

About Linda

As a young university student, I discovered Transactional Analysis.

I’ve learned that you can build a better world by working with people. You can only change structures by changing the people who make decisions about those structures.

I’ve learned to take responsibility in my own circle and I’ve learned how to invite people to do the same in their own circles.

In a personal development group, based on TA, I found out that I’m OK and that I can make my own choices very well. Then, with the help of TA, I made choices that I’m happy about today. The realization that I am able to formulate my own goals and shape my own life has defined me forever.


With TA as my compass, I’ve been on the move in all meanings of the phrase. I travelled around the world, from Nigeria (1992-1995) to Australia (1995-2000).
In Sydney, I followed my TA education. With a ‘Certified Transactional Analyst’, certificate I returned to Belgium in 2000. I set a clear goal for myself: share the insights of TA with other people who are moving, literally or figuratively.

By 2015, I obtained the TSTA Certificate: Trainer and Supervisor Transactional Analyst, awarded by the European Association for Transactional Analysis. This provides my clients with a guarantee of a quality approach.

I lived in Riga from 2011 and 2015.

I’m currently dividing my time between Belgium and Norway.

Since 2000, I have followed numerous training courses on bodywork. (Trauma healing, Emotional bodywork, Yoga, Reiki, etc.). Based on this, I developed the “Embodied Therapy & Coaching” method.

Linda Hoeben
+32 474 920 877
Rommersom 1A, 3320 Hoegaarden