Exclusive Four Day Retreat | From Stress To Inner Peace

Listening to the wisdom of your body and mind

Are you a coach, therapist or leader and are you having trouble with the challenges in your personal and professional life? It isn’t always easy to be the rock in the tide that people are searching for, especially when you are struggling with your own insecurity or – sometimes physical – stress related complaints.
Often, you’ve had a lot of cognitive and emotional coaching or therapy during your education, but your problem remains unsolved in depth. Or maybe you just long for the feeling of really ‘coming home’.

Do you get stuck sometimes and are you unable to see your way out? In that case, I have a nice offer for you. An exclusive four day retreat in Norway, in which we are really going to do in-depth work to find the source of your challenges, so you can grow significantly and change your life.

Do you want to:

  • evolve and learn to help others in an inspiring environment?
  • be the rock in the tide people are looking for?
  • be happy with your body and your life?
  • transform your unwanted and destructive think- and behaviour patterns and stress related challenges into patterns that help you move forward in your life?
  • come home to yourself and to be able to come home to others?

In that case, this exclusive four day retreat in Norway is for you. During this special trip, we create a safe environment for significant growth and change. Participants are given room to undergo deep, intense transformations in a safe and trusting group. And all this will be happening in Granavolden, a breath-taking place.

What will you learn and experience?

This four day retreat is recommended for everyone that works with people. It is a fantastic learning opportunity at a beautiful location in Norway, that brings changes in yourself and the people around you.

You will experience how you:

  • Use embodied coaching in a group, as a coach or therapist
  • Create and keep a safe group environment, so personal transformations can happen
  • Work problem-solving with impasses and internal paradoxes. .

During this four-day trip you also get the chance to taste the Norway-ambiance and to enjoy some of what this land offers.


Before you can participate in this four day retreat in Norway, we must have an intake. During this conversation, we will discuss if this four day retreat is a good step for you. We will also discuss the need for you to follow the TA introduction* first, or if your knowledge is sufficient to participate in the four day retreat.

We can do this intake personally or via Zoom. If we already know each other, a telephone conversation is sufficient. As soon as you apply for the exclusive four day retreat, I will contact you to schedule an intake.

*I give the TA introduction a few times a year as a two-day course in Dutch. Actual dates can be found here. This will give you a change to get to know me personally, if we haven’t met before. You can take the TA introduction in English online

Practical information


Granavollen 16, 2750 Gran
Trainer: Linda Hoeben TSTA


11-14 October 2021


Date to be determined.

You get:

4 days of four day retreat at a breath-taking location, including lunch and coffee-breaks.

You take care of:

  • Your journey to Norway
  • Transportation from- and to the airport
  • Your stay: The location provides a very attractive offer that you can book in combination with this four day retreat. This offer includes overnight stays and dinners. Contact the location, mention my name and ask for the special conditions. You can reach the location via their website.


Your investment for this four day retreat (excl. TA introduction) is € 2.199,-

Ervaringen van anderen 

The intensive four-day therapy brought me the processing of a life pain on a physical level and on a deeper level than I’ve ever experienced. It gave me checkpoints for dealing with that pain. After the four-day therapy I felt reset. The dialogue with my body, that I discovered with the leadership of Linda, helps me to walk a new, lighter path in my life, instead of the old painful script-path.

Harry van der Sluijs

Director Educational Institute for Food Technology since 1965

For me, learning therapy with TA and embodied therapy in a group has been a beautiful combination of learning and self-reflection. Linda takes the time to allow every participant a place in these four days, so you are learning and developing at the same time. Practical examples are being analysed as a group, so there is a constant connection with the theory. A beautiful interaction that brought me to a higher plan for sure. I can surely recommend learning in a group, where you are vulnerable and strong at the same time.


Linda Hoeben
+32 474 920 877
Rommersom 1A, 3320 Hoegaarden