International Female Leadership Program

Are you an Ambitious International Female Leader?

Do you feel like you are often trying to juggle the expectations from the different areas in your life? Are you struggling because of the opposition you experience when you assert yourself and climb up in the hierarchy?

Many courageous and competent women are having a hard time in making their leadership work. They feel they have to prove themselves. Often these women give up their dream, somehow knowing that they have all it takes to be a good leader, but they are simply not getting there. This is not only a tragedy for these women, but also for the companies. They lose competent female leaders and they miss out on the specific contributions that women can make.

 But this can be completely different:

Female managers have the ability to lead in a connecting way. A quality that is increasingly needed in a polarized world. Women can be the rock that the world needs now: In addition to their professional knowledge, they can lead effectively because of their ability to interact constructively and connect with people. Through their coaching leadership they contribute to a healthy, well-structured organization where people feel valued and can develop themselves to their full potential.

In these challenging times, companies and organizations need steady leaders. Leaders who understand the real meaning of leadership. This implies value-based leadership, knowing and using  your strengths and your personal qualities. It also implies a good understanding of those points where you become easy to manipulate or where you lose too much of your energy. In addition to self-knowledge and good communication skills, it also requires an insight into human nature, so that you can properly assess your staff members and colleagues.

How would it be for you to grow and improve your leadership skills in an international environment, together with other international female leaders?

 This Female Leaderschip Program is an outstanding opportunity for ambitious women. The Program has been specifically designed to challenge, inspire and develop ambitious female leaders who realize that they are not reaching their full potential yet.

The program has been developed to empower women, to improve their leadership skills. It helps to equip female executives with effective know-how in strategic self-development using Transactional Analysis and Embodied Coaching.

Linda Hoeben is an experienced senior international trainer with decades of experience facilitation personal transformation processes of executives in international organizations and companies. Because Linda has lived on different continents herself, she knows from experience what it is like to be ‘on the move’ in an international context.

Enthusiastic reviews:


Linda delivered a 2-day training as part of SSE Riga “Women in Leadership programme” . She took us on a journey, talking us through the basics of TA and helping us find out more where the tensions and frictions are in our everyday lives, and in our many roles as managers, employees, women, and humans. I appreciated her clarity and thoughtfulness which pushed my boundaries and challenged me.”

Dr. Kata Fredheim

Executive Vice President - Partnerships and Strategy; Assistant Professor, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga

“It’s not an easy time , quite uncomfortable and sometimes bery – but I am forging forward slowly but surely. I have moments of fright or rumination but I manage to push thru and I keep practicing that.
With thanks.
How lucky we are you are in the world – your extreme precision in human matters is inspiring and a joy.”


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