Online Introduction in efficient Communication

In this Online Introduction, you will learn all TA models that apply to communication between you and your employees / clients in 7 video lessons from Linda. Through practical worksheets you learn to apply the theory directly to your work and in your private life. This way you learn to communicate effectively. This makes your life easier and your relationships better.


This is what you’ll learn

Transactional Analysis helps you understand yourself and others better. Your communication improves, runs more efficiently. By applying the methods from Transactional Analysis you’ll understand yourself and others better. You discover your patterns and those of others that influence communication. You’ll learn how you can take these patterns into account in order to achieve better, smoother communication.

You can learn all of this at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want via the training ‘Online Introduction to Transactional Analysis’.

The online training will cost 414 euros excl. VAT.

Testimonials by enthusiastic participants:

After having followed the ‘Introduction to TA’ I changed small things in my communication … This gave me new opportunities at work. I am very happy with these changes because they had a big impact.

I now use TA very regularly. This helps me in my work but also in communicating with my partner. I am very satisfied with the impact of the training because it makes my life a lot easier.

The online training is very efficient. Everything is clear. The video’s and exercises are clearly structured. I enjoyed that I could go through the material at my own pace.  

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