Strategic Conversation with Linda

Would you like to grow as a professional in your work as coach or leader?

During the Covid-crisis, you most likely encounter all kinds of obstacles. The world has changed and that means that, as a coach or leader, you have to change with it.

That isn’t always easy. Do you find yourself running in circles and having trouble deciding on a new approach? Does this impasse take a lot of your time, energy and are you having sleepless nights?

I am convinced that, as a coach or leader, even during this time of crisis, you can continue to work on your mission to the world around you and also that you can work effectively and grow.

That is why I’m currently offering you a free Strategic Conversation.

During a Strategic Conversation, we review which step you can take today to get closer to your goals and mission.

With the fresh eyes of an outsider, I can help you determine witch of my programs (in groups or individual) can help you to move forward.

Who is welcome for this Strategic Conversation?

The Strategic Conversation is exclusively  for coaches, therapists and leaders that are:

  • ambitious about working with people on an expert level
  • passionate about their work and understand that professional and personal growth always go hand in hand
  • prepared to invest time, money and energy in their education

This is what a Strategic Conversation brings you:

  • You gain a clear view on where you are right now and where you want to go in terms of work and career
  • You will discover the barriers that hold you back in realising your mission
  • You take the next step to grow with focus towards working more expertly, with more inspiration and having more joy in your work.

Via the following form, you can schedule a Strategic conversation with me at a time that is convenient for you. In order for me to determine if you qualify for a free Strategic conversation and for us both to prepare for this conversation, I will ask you a couple of (digital) questions. (The information you provide me with, will remain strictly confidential.)

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