‘The last mile is the hardest…’.

I think everyone will recognise this phrase. Many of us start our summer holidays around this time, and the last few weeks before that are often tough and tiring. Perhaps you have children who went to school and at the end of the year they were worn out and still had a lot to do. We longed for a break, to slow down and refuel from our busy lives.

When the holidays finally arrive, we are exhausted and start to feel how much we need it. Sometimes, we even fall ill during the first few days of the holiday. Because now we can. Now we have time for it.

Tired in your Soul

Do you recognise this feeling? Do you also eagerly look forward to the moment you have a holiday, but when the time comes, you cannot really enjoy it because you are so tired? That’s a shame!
If you recognise yourself in this situation, it might be time to look into why. After all, it would be great if you could enjoy your holiday to the max, wouldn’t it?

Not having to Refuel

If you really need your holidays to refuel, this probably means that your life is structurally busy and overloaded. What would it be like to feel healthy and resilient, not only at the end of your holiday, but also during your ‘normal’ life and work? Do you dare to dream of a life where you no longer need to refuel? Where the feeling of really enjoying your life is not reserved for the holiday period?

Making Choices…

If you long for such a life, one in which you can enjoy yourself to the full, it is good to take a close look at what you are doing. The way you organise your days is a direct consequence of the choices you have made. These choices were made on the basis of underlying patterns that you learned from your youth. These patterns used to be very useful and necessary for survival, but now that you are an adult, they can also get in the way. Often you are not aware of those patterns and that is the difficult part.

… that you can Change!

In order to recognise these patterns, Transactional Analysis (TA) is a great tool. With TA you not only learn what choices you’ve made based on your patterns, but TA also shows you that you have other options. You can and may change your choices and patterns so that they no longer get in your way.
Addressing those patterns and making new choices takes courage and is sometimes a difficult process. I wish you the courage to go through this process with yourself and create the life you really want to live.

Living life to the full does not have to be a dream

If you keep doing what you are doing… what will your next holiday look like? What is your life, and is the way you are living correspond to what you really want? How can you make a difference for yourself? What choices do you need to make to live with fulfilment?
You can work with these questions this holiday season with the help of the Online Introduction to TA, which I am offering for only 97 euros. This video course will give you an insight into the patterns you have learned. It will give you tools to deal with these patterns.

Give yourself this Online Introduction as a gift, so you can start on a resilient, life-giving path after the holidays.

You are welcome.

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