On a conference, some time ago, I met Luk*. His wife Eva* was following a course in Transactional Analysis. He told me that he’s been lying awake at night lately. She’s been behaving differently since she’s been doing the training and Luk doesn’t always know how to handle it. He’s worried about losing Eva, and that she thinks he’s not good enough, now that she’s growing so much in herself. Sometimes he really has no idea what she is talking about, and he can hardly keep up.After a weekend of training Eva is teeming with the new things she’s learnt. Sometimes she’s sad because she’s become aware of patterns she’d like to break, at other times she’s happy about new insights and possibilities.
She has been coming home with ideas about how things could be done differently, and better. Then she will ask him to read all kinds of books about development, to change himself, and to show be more expressive about his feelings.
In his opinion, Eva doesn’t really need to change that much. He just wants them to get along with each other, and he doesn’t want to lose her.

It reminded me of when I started studying TA myself, 20 years ago. Together with the other participants, I was growing rapidly. We very quickly became aware of our old patters, and of new possibilities. This process was often very intense, but seemed clear as day to us participants. for our partners on the other side, all the change was quite a challenge.

I am certain that TA can enable couples to talk better, because TA offers models that help you to understand, and change complicated ways of communicating. Of course this works better when both partners have some insight in TA. Following the two day introduction course is be enough to achieve this. Afterwards the partners will understand better what their loved one is doing, and won’t be as scared to lose them, and they will be able to get a good night’s sleep again.

For the partners of TA students, I am offering a special ‘partners introduction to TA’ on the 14th and 15th of July 2017. To anyone who subscribes themselves, or their partner to this introduction course during this week, I will give a special 5% Valentine’s Day reduction.

Of course it is optimal if you come together with your partner, even though you’ve already followed the introduction course. By doing it together with your partner, you will be able to look at TA in a totally different way.

Maybe the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one?

Enrol by sending an email to linda.hoeben@forpeopleonthemove.eu


This is a statement by Stephan, a TA-partner who took part in the introduction course:

“Great training given by a great trainer. My partner, who is taking the TA foundation training, suggested me to take this course. I wasn’t sure what to expect but arrived with an open mind. The training was very valuable; TA can potentially be life changing, on a professional and personal level. It will without doubt improve my leadership and people management skills at work and  I’m certain it will also be of great help at home. Having a basic understanding of TA will allow me to speak a common TA language with my wife and offer me a better understanding of the TA journey she is taking. I’m very glad I took the TA introduction training”.


  • Not their real names.

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