Mentoring program

You have completed the International Female Leadership Program and now it seems like you are on your own.
You have learned so much during the program, but you still need time and help to integrate all this knowledge into your professional and personal life.

In your work, sometimes your stress reactions are triggered and you are aware of the scratches on your soul. It’s a utopia to think we can solve everything. It’s a utopia to think that we can be completely ‘stress-free’ in our own lives. That is not true. Not even for competent and confident female leaders.

You really can be an excellent female leader, even when you feel stressed and overwhelmed at times. Maybe this even makes you a better and more empathic leader?

But still… What is required is your willingness to look at yourself and do the work. This willingness to personal growth is an essential part of your professional development as a leader.

Because you have experienced that the methods of Embodied Coaching and Transactional Analysis (TA) work so well, you want someone that knows these methods to help you with your personal growth. From now on, I am offering you the chance to continue working with me.

Because you do this program together with colleagues, you will continue building your network and learn from each other.

You want to:

  • experience more job satisfaction
  • be better equipped to deal with the stress that comes with being an international female leader
  • learn how you can apply the knowledge you have gained in the Female Leadership program
  • feel more joy in your work
  • work on your personal and professional development with Linda.

Good news!

You are not alone. You can enrol in this mentoring program, which includes all of the above.

This mentoring program offers you a place to grow and share experiences. Where you can learn from-, inspire and motivate each other.
You will learn new skills and get support in your professional and personal development. Even though you might have a lot of experience, there is still a place for you to come home, professionally and personal.

Because we want to work on an advanced level, this mentoring program is intended for people that have already finished the International Female Leadership Program.

The program consists of:

  • 6 Online supervisions of 4 hours, in small groups
  • 6 1-on-1 online mentoring sessions of 50 minutes
  • continued access to the learning platform.

Your investment: 4500 Euros

Why follow the Mentoring Program with Linda?

My name is Linda Hoeben. I have more than 35 years experience as a psychotherapist and coach.

For the European Commission I facilitate trainings in stress management and coachings on an executive level.
In The Netherlands, I teach at the TA academy. 
In Riga, I teach at the Stockholm School of Economisch at the department of ‘Woman in Leadership’.

Of course I facilitate trainings in my own training institute in Flanders.
I am a social worker and Master in Criminology.
In the TA I am TSTA. Trainer and supervisor.
Let me know how I can support you in your professional and personal development. I am here for you.