Your clients, and your children are scared. How can you deal with this?
Els has two young children, one of four, and one of seven. She and her husband lead a busy life. She has a coaching practice. More and more of Els’s clients are speaking about their fears of what’s happening in the world. After these conversations Els sometimes feels uncomfortable, and guilty because she doesn’t really know how to respond.
Last night her youngest son asked her, “Mom, will there be a war?” Els was a bit shook. She couldn’t provide a clear answer to this question, not for her son, and not for her clients. Els knows that deep inside, she’s scared too.

How can we, as therapists, aid providers, coaches, and executives, find a constructive, honest way to handle the enormous political changes that are happening in the world today.

Erik Berne, the founder of Transactional Analysis said: “Power structures in the world, and in organisations, are made up of people. You can’t change structures, but you can change people.”

What each of us can do, to make the world a better place, is to make a difference within our own environments. We can take our responsibilities within the organisations, or the families that we are a part of, and we can also make the difference in the way we provide aid.

Els’s son asks, “Mum, will there be war?”
How will we answer to this responsibility?
How will we make the world a better a better place, starting with our own environment?

Don’t lose energy by endlessly reflecting on what’s happening in the world. Look at your own surroundings, where you really can make the difference. Make sure that the people around you, your team members, your clients, your colleagues, and your family members feel valued. People that feel valued, tend to feel safer in their team or their relationships.

Make a plan, and think about a structured approach: Take care that there is clarity in all cooperative relationships (yes, also at home). Make good agreements about who does what, and who answers to whom.

Set demanding yet achievable goals. Everyone wants to grow, and keep on developing. When people achieve goals, they feel better.

Once again, TA was my source of inspiration

If Els’s story feels familiar to you, and you also work with people, the TA course could provide beautiful answers to your questions.

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