It used to happen to me occasionally, but luckily less and less: I spent a whole day coaching or giving therapy and sometimes ended the day with an indefinable, vague feeling of dissatisfaction. After a good walk or a night’s sleep, it was often ‘over’, but still … it didn’t feel great.

You are a coach, counsellor or supervisor, and you’re frustrated because you know that you are not getting the most you can out of it, neither for yourself nor for your clients.
Your job takes a lot of effort, and sometimes you catch yourself thinking about doing something else, something new. You often have the ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ feeling and rarely ‘Yes! It’s Monday!’ feeling. You know that ‘something’ is missing in the way you do your work, but you can’t figure out what exactly … Do you recognize this? Then it’s time for more personal leadership! Time that you take control of your life and work.

This blog is different from the blogs that you are used to from me. That is because I am very enthusiastic about the changes that I’ve made at the TA Expertise Center. Changes that can help you regain that satisfaction. Because I want you and everyone to get the best out of their lives. That’s why I would like to tell you more about my new programs, rather then blogging about a case or a specific subject.

Take control of your life and work

To regain satisfaction from your work, it is important to discover what is important to you as a person. Personal growth and learning new skills go hand in hand. It is precisely these two things that predominate in my new programmes.

• You will learn how to get more out of yourself and others.
• You learn to (re) discover what is really important to you.
• You will find inspiration, animation and motivation. Instead of feeling that you are missing ‘something’, you’ll feel like working again and you’ll feel fulfilled by it. On Monday morning you think ‘Yes! It’s Monday again!’ (And on Friday evening, naturally, ‘Yes! It’s the weekend again!’)

TA is for everyone who is looking for personal leadership

One of Transactional Analysis’ characteristics is that it has a very wide field of application: the TA programme contains people who are professionally involved with a variety of things. Managers, coaches and people who want to learn to communicate professionally. They learn next to and with each other in one group.
All participants, however, all have something in common: they want to learn new things on a personal and professional level. They want to act, think and feel in a new way.

During the TA training you meet coaches, managers and professionals who want to develop themselves with TA. The combination of these three disciplines gives a wonderful group where you can learn from each other and practice real-life situations with each other. People from other disciplines have a very different view of situations from you. In this way you also build up a valuable network with professionals from different work areas.

You do not learn alone

In addition to the live days, the training also consists of a number of online events, such as supervision groups and 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Linda. She guides you personally.
The supervision groups that are part of the programme are classified per discipline, so that the focus in the supervision group that you follow is also on your expertise field. This has as a result that you can focus even more on your own development.

You’re welcome

Normally I use these words at the end of my blogs. This time I find them extra special, because I want everyone to take personal leadership over his or her life. I sincerely believe that my programmes contribute to this. A number of places are still available. Are you a manager, coach or professional who wants to learn to communicate professionally and do you want to enrich your work and life with TA? Then check out my website and sign up for the next module.


Yes, I want to know more about the new TA trainings (in Dutch)

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