Free webinar: How to coach others while struggling with uncertainty

In these times, with the Corona virus bringing a lot of uncertainty, we see an increased need for coaching and therapy. Now, more than ever, people are searching for reassurance. They are looking for someone to be their rock in the tide. As a coach, you can be that rock.

But what if you struggle with fear and uncertainty yourself? What if you doubt your own ability to be a good coach, because you know stress can be contagious and you can transfer your own insecurity to your clients? Can you still be a good coach?

Yes, you can! On June 8 at 20.00h I am hosting a webinar about this subject. I will explain how you can be that coach, that rock, despite your own fear, stress and insecurity.

You are more than welcome when you:

  • want to keep evolving as a coach
  • want to learn how to regulate your own stress and help your client with regulating their own fear and insecurity
  • have the wish to be that rock in the tide for your clients
  • are a topcoach or have the desire to become one

You can subscribe for this webinar via the form below. Be quick, there are only 100 seats available.

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'How to coach others while struggling with uncertainty'
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